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The Gross Family Collection has been in formation for 50 years.  The first object entered the collection in 1964. The worldview that has been the leitmotif of the collection since the beginning is one of viewing these objects as historical documents of Jewish life and culture in all parts of the world during the modern period – that is, from the 17th through the 20th centuries.

William Gross has attempted to construct a mosaic of Judaica that presents objects from all cultural areas in which Jews lived.  Within those areas the effort has been to provide examples of the most important items used in Jewish life, both in the synagogue and the home.

Gross has traveled extensively during these 50 years, visiting collections all over the world and, more importantly, often studying these collections object by object. The accumulation of these experiences has found expression both in the Gross Family Collection, with a notable absence of the plague of fakes and forgeries, and the activities of Mr. Gross in the field of Judaica. Attached is a compilation of the Judaica work carried out by Mr. Gross along with some of Mr. Gross’ writings about Judaica that have been published. Since retiring in 1991, Mr. Gross has devoted his full time and energies to the field of Judaica. The collection has been represented in more than 140 exhibitions.

Spice tower, Schwäbisch Gmuend, Germany, ca. 1740

Spice tower, Schwäbisch Gmuend, Germany, ca. 1740